Ashlyn Manghane

Hi there, I’m Ashlyn!

Here’s a brief synopsis of my life with all the juicy details! I was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas where I enjoyed spending the majority of my time outdoors playing sports, swimming at the beach or going on explorations with my three brothers.

I am now a desert dweller in Las Vegas, Nevada. Total opposite right?! I am married to the most amazing human being ever, Samuel. I am a new mom to a beautiful baby girl Madalyn. My life is full of so much joy and laughter, that it trickles into everything that I do.

Photography is no different! I specialize in outdoor, natural lit photos in the most amazing locations where I bring joy and laughter into each photo session. I believe photos should be a beautiful enhancement of what I see with my own eyes, without the heavily filtered color look.

A “few” of my guilty pleasures include vanilla chai tea, watching cleaning or make up videos on Youtube, learning about new upcoming technology, interior design, and organizing life!


now it’s your turn . . .

Tell me about you, your family, and what inspires you! Contact me and share your story.